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Why Tissue Paper is Great for Gift Wrapping and Presentation

When we give a gift, it’s not just about the object, it’s about creating a special moment the person will long remember. That’s why gift wrapping is so important – to make the opening of the present as magical an ...
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Our Range of Wrapping Paper

How do you make your business stand out from the crowd? On top of good products and great service, one thing that always helps customers remember your store and want to return is little extra luxury touches like using quality ...
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Our Extensive Paper Bag Range

Need paper bags for your business or function? Bags & Tags can supply any and all of the following – in bulk quantities and at competitive prices. Please see the end of the blog entry for ordering details. But first, ...
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Why Hygiene and Sanitary Labels are so Important

No one wants to try on lingerie or swimwear that another customer has already tried on without their underwear—it’s unsanitary. And no clothing store wants customers trying on lingerie or swimwear without wearing underwear. Along with the fact it’s unhygienic, ...
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What’s now available in our new Christmas range?

Christmas is already in full swing at Bags & Tags, and we know how important it is for you and your business to be organized ahead of the upcoming holiday season. Dedicated Christmas-themed products will make your customers, friends and ...
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Did you know care labels are mandatory for clothing and other textiles?

Different countries have different requirements for care labels. In some countries such as the UK and EU, care labels are not required by law. This might seem like less of a burden for clothing and textile manufacturers, but it also ...
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Clothing Labels

Common clothing labels that your garment products will need  Whether it be for branding garment products or giving consumers instructions for fabric care, clothing labels are essential for any business operations involving garment products. As there is a wide array of different fabric labels ...
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Eco-friendly Retail Packaging

Eco-friendly retail packaging: top alternatives to plastic bags  Ditching the use of plastic bags, many countries around the globe support eco-friendly retail packaging as alternatives. Because it offers many environmental benefits, eco-friendly retail packaging is an excellent choice. One with the ...
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Reusable bags

The importance of reusable bags Single-use plastic bags have been phased out throughout Australia and many other countries around the world—and there is a very good reason for this! A significant contributor to plastic pollution, single-use plastic bags continue to negatively impact our environment.   Here at ...
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The different types of clothing labels

Many factors are going to impact the most suitable clothing labels you should be using for your particular needs. The type of clothing, your budget, the material and even your target market will all have some effect on the most appropriate clothing labels to use.   Here at Bags ...
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