Why Tissue Paper is Great for Gift Wrapping and Presentation

Why Tissue Paper is Great for Gift Wrapping and Presentation

When we give a gift, it’s not just about the object, it’s about creating a special moment the person will long remember. That’s why gift wrapping is so important – to make the opening of the present as magical an experience as it can be. And when it comes to gift wrapping, there’s perhaps nothing as useful as tissue paper, which can be employed in a number of manners to frame your special gift in the most attractive way possible…

Gift Wrapping Outer Layer

For many gift-givers and boutique stores, nothing beats simply wrapping items in one or more sheets of tissue paper, then finishing with ribbon or twine. The delicate nature of the tissue conveys to the recipient that whatever is inside is precious. For that reason, tissue paper is a standalone gift wrapping that never goes out of fashion.

Gift Wrapping Inner Layer

A different technique involves wrapping the object in tissue paper, then enclosing that in a regular wrapping paper. This gives the present an interesting soft feel. It also means the opener gets double the anticipation. They peel away the outer layer, only to wonder what special something could require an inner layer of tissue paper to protect it.

Gift Box Lining

When using a gift box, the lining shouldn’t be an afterthought – don’t pad it out with foam packing peanuts or a handful of cotton wool balls. And, whatever you do, don’t leave the contents loose to rattle around! Tissue paper in a matching colour is the perfect gift box lining to keep the object safe and turn the box into a little treasure chest.

Gift Bag Presentation

Tissue paper is super handy for giving gift bags that “overflowing” effect, while cushioning the things inside. To do what the designers do, flatten out a piece of tissue, pinch it in the middle then swirl it around in the air until it forms a kind of torch shape (or maybe a bouquet minus the flowers). You can give the base a slight twist. Then simply place one or more of those in your gift bag so it appears they are bursting out of the top.

The Bags & Tags Tissue Paper Range

Want elegant plain-white tissue paper? We’ve got it. What about tissue paper in all of the rainbow colours and more, from hot pink and sunshine yellow to lime green and lavender to unusual shades such as metallic silver? We carry those, too. Or, for something extra eye-catching, how about gem stone tissue paper with built-in sparkle? We stock it in black, royal blue, brown, red, pink and white. There’s a tissue paper to suit any gift-wrapping plan or business’s preferred colour scheme.

Order Some Gorgeous Tissue Paper Today

For ordering tissue paper or anything else from the extensive Bags & Tags catalogue, phone (07) 3086 9369, email sales@bagsandtags.com.au or simply purchase straight from this site (discounts on bulk orders and free postage on orders over $500). An Aussie family-run business operating since 2006, our many satisfied clients include retailers, manufacturers, government departments, sporting groups and schools.

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