Why Hygiene and Sanitary Labels are so Important

Why Hygiene and Sanitary Labels are so Important

No one wants to try on lingerie or swimwear that another customer has already tried on without their underwear—it’s unsanitary. And no clothing store wants customers trying on lingerie or swimwear without wearing underwear. Along with the fact it’s unhygienic, it’s ultimately bad for business. Thankfully, Bags & Tags has the perfect range of sanitary labels for retailers of lingerie or swimwear (or makers of these two products wanting to assist their retailers).

Our Sanitary Labels

Non-marking, high-quality adhesive labels designed to go in the gusset of lingerie or swimwear, our sanitary labels feature the following text:


To ensure readability on any colour of lingerie or swimwear, they are available in white, light blue or black print. There are also sanitary labels (white print) in a different shape that are designed specifically for G-strings.

Value for Money

Our sanitary labels come in five-pack sizes, starting at $22.65 for a pack of 50 labels. However, the price drops even lower if you order 100, 200, 500 or 1000 at a time.

Hygiene Protection

By promoting safe practices through the use of our sanitary labels, you are protecting customers from potentially harmful bacteria and infection. No one wants to risk their health because another person has done the wrong thing and tried on the same garment before them without wearing underwear. Unfortunately, people often act without thinking, which is why it is so important to remind them in no uncertain terms of what NOT to do via these labels applied to the gusset of the lingerie or swimwear.

Customer Confidence

When customers see our sanitary labels on products, they know that the clothing store has their health in mind. It also tells them that other shoppers are far more likely to have done the right thing. These things inspire confidence and, hopefully, repeat visits.

Much Better than the Alternative!

Of course, a retailer might simply choose not to allow the trying on of certain items. Unfortunately for them, that means automatically losing potential sales from customers who refuse to buy anything without testing it first. Our sanitary labels offer a way to maximise customer options while still ensuring a satisfactory level of hygiene is maintained.

Where Can I Get these Sanitary Labels?

From Bags & Tags, of course! We’re the preferred supplier to many Australian businesses when it comes to sanitary and hygiene labels. For ordering enquiries, you can phone (07) 3086 9369, email sales@bagsandtags.com.au or simply purchase straight from this site (items are cheaper in bulk and postage is free on orders over $500). An Aussie family-run business operating since 2006, Bags & Tags can handle all of your identification needs, whether you require bags, badges, labels or tags. Our clients include retailers, manufacturers, government departments, sporting groups and schools.

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