What’s now available in our new Christmas range?

What’s now available in our new Christmas range?

Christmas is already in full swing at Bags & Tags, and we know how important it is for you and your business to be organized ahead of the upcoming holiday season. Dedicated Christmas-themed products will make your customers, friends and family feel special after a difficult year and inject some joy and happiness into their lives.

Below are some of Bags & Tags’ best-selling Christmas products.

Christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping paper doesn’t have to be boring! We have a beautiful range of Christmas paper that comes in all kinds of finishes, and ranges from traditional prints to Aussie Christmas-themed designs, to prints the kids will love. Do you like gloss paper for a high-shine, luxurious feel? Or would you prefer a matte finish for more of a textural, earthy feel? Here are some of our favourite options:

Xmas BBQ on Matte White Paper

Black Pine Cone on White Gloss Paper

Rosella Jade on White Gloss Paper

Koala on White Matte Paper

Native Watercolour on Kraft Paper

Shop our entire Christmas range here.

Christmas ribbon

Christmas ribbon is often overlooked, but don’t forget to add it to your gift for that extra touch of luxury. Untying the ribbon on a gift increases the suspense of what’s inside, which makes the contents seem extra special! What’s more, a ribbon can be reused in Christmases to come, saving money and looking after the environment. You don’t necessarily need to use Christmas-themed ribbon for Christmas gifts either – some natural jute twine paired with a matte/neutral Christmas wrap works well, as does some red raffia ribbon to add a pop of colour to your gift.

Merry Xmas Ribbon 10mm X 250m Gold

Merry Xmas Ribbon 10mm X 250m Red

Merry Xmas Ribbon 10mm X 250m Silver

Jute Twine Natural

Red Paper Raffia

Shop our range of ribbons here.

Christmas gift bags

For those hard-to-wrap gifts, the in-a-rush wrapper or the savvy re–user – gift bags are a great way of wrapping a gift without the hassle of sticky tape, scissors and paper cuts! Our gift bags come in a range of sizes (including single-bottle wine bags) and designs. Our favourite this year is the fun Aussie Christmas BBQ print – sure to put a smile on the receiver’s face.

Christmas Reindeer on White Wide Gusset Large

Stag Forest Design on White Kraft Single Wine Bag

Christmas Junior Photo Paper Bags Special

Christmas BBQ White Kraft Junior Paper Carry Bags

Stag Forest Design on Brown Kraft Single Wine Bag

Shop our entire Christmas range here.

Bags & Tags has you sorted for all your Christmas needs. If you have more enquiries on our Christmas range, you can get in touch with our friendly team online here, or call us directly on (07) 3086 9369.

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