The different types of clothing labels

The different types of clothing labels

Many factors are going to impact the most suitable clothing labels you should be using for your particular needs. The type of clothing, your budget, the material and even your target market will all have some effect on the most appropriate clothing labels to use.  

Here at Bags & Tags, we offer a wide range of custom clothing label options, including both woven labels and printed labels. To help you form a clearer understanding of the different types of clothing labels available, along with the pros and cons of each, our team has put together a helpful guide below.  

Woven labels 

One of the most common label types you will come across will be woven labels. Most woven labels will be a small piece of woven ribbon that can be applied with high heat onto the clothing fabric. Woven labels are extremely versatile and come with many benefits for clothing designers and manufacturers.  

Simple designs work well on woven labels, whereas sometimes the more complex designs can be difficult to read. Woven labels come in various sizes and finishes, ensuring there is something to suit a range of different garments. Woven labels are also popular because they tend not to fade quickly like some other label options. Here at Bags & Tags, we are one of the few companies that can provide complex designs. We can weave most logos including the more complex designs and with our experience, we will guide you to what is the best option to suit your logo and requirements. 

Printed labels 

A printed label will have the label details printed straight onto a ribbon which is then sewn into the garment. This type of label is commonly used to display care instructions which can be printed onto a range of materials such as nylon or satin.  

Printed labels are the more ideal choice when you require a label to display larger amounts of information, for example, on care labels. At Bags & Tags, all our printed labels are supplied as cut single as to avoid cutting or fraying.  

Clothing labels at Bags & Tags 

Here at Bags & Tags, we stock an extensive range of clothing label options to suit various requirements. Some of our clothing label options include: 

  • Woven damask 
  • Printed satin 
  • Cotton 
  • Organic cotton 
  • Nylon taffeta 
  • Size labels 

Our clothing labels can be easily ordered and are promptly delivered throughout Australia. Offering a range of personalisation services, Bags & Tags is the simple option when it comes to all of your clothing label needs. Browse range of clothing labels today, or for any specific enquiries, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team on 07 3086 9369.

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