Our Extensive Paper Bag Range

Our Extensive Paper Bag Range

Need paper bags for your business or function? Bags & Tags can supply any and all of the following – in bulk quantities and at competitive prices. Please see the end of the blog entry for ordering details. But first, let’s examone the appeal of each of the various types of high-quality paper bags we carry.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Brown paper never goes out of style, and many still prefer its natural look to any other sort of bag. Our brown bags are recyclable/biodegradable. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, with handles (two designs) or without. Our brown bags also include the classic, handles-free, flat-bottomed variety once used by supermarkets everywhere.

Christmas Bags

Christmas wrapping paper is fine, but Christmas bags add a touch of class to any gift. Our Christmas bags sport season-appropriate designs that are far from cheesy, with some sporting tastefully subtle patterns in their celebration of the holiday. There are bags designed for presents large and small, not to mention bags perfectly sized for wine bottles.

Coloured Paper Carry Bags

Our coloured paper carry bags are available in solid black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red or yellow, plus a number of spotted designs. There’s bound to be a colour to suit the signature hues or “vibe” of your business, or perhaps a special sale. It should go without saying that each shade comes in several useful sizes.

Earth Coloured Paper Bags

As nice as our coloured paper carry bags (see previous section) are, you may prefer an earthier colour to those vibrant hues. In which case, we’ve got the burnt orange, dusky pink, earth green, French blue, mustard or navy bags for you! As usual, there are plenty of shapes and sizes of these classy bags ready to be matched with your products.

European Laminated Paper Bags

Maybe you’re after a glossy or matte finish on your paper bags. Once again, we’ve got you covered. Choices here are black, gold, navy and white. Multiple sizes, of course. In the Christmas Bags section, we mentioned how they add a touch of class. The same applies here – glossy or matte finish bags give a real feeling of luxury to purchases.

Gift/Party Bags

Nobody forgets events where they come away with a party bag full of goodies. Make yours even more memorable thanks to our sleek, sturdy bags in black, blue, brown, burnt orange, dusky pink, earth green, French blue, mustard, navy, green, orange, (regular) pink, purple, red, white or yellow. There’s a shade to pair with any function theme.

White Kraft Paper Bags

We’ve spoken a lot about bags in attractive colours. At the same time, there’s a certain timeless appeal to pure white schemes and, particularly, white shopping bags. The phrase “Goes with anything” definitely applies. Customers/gift recipients always love to reuse a solid white bag! There’s bound to be a bag size to fit your purpose, too.

Ordering from Bags & Tags

To order, phone (07) 3086 9369, email sales@bagsandtags.com.au or simply purchase straight from this site (discounts on bulk orders and free postage on orders over $500). An Aussie family-run business operating since 2006, Bags & Tags can handle all of your identification needs, whether you require bags, badges, labels or tags. Our clients include retailers, manufacturers, government departments, sporting groups and schools.

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