Eco-friendly Retail Packaging

Eco-friendly retail packaging: top alternatives to plastic bags 

Ditching the use of plastic bags, many countries around the globe support eco-friendly retail packaging as alternatives. Because it offers many environmental benefits, eco-friendly retail packaging is an excellent choice. One with the environmental advocacy, Australia strives to minimise plastics, including its use in retail packaging. Because of this, more businesses are switching to paper bags and biodegradable plastic bags as alternatives. 

Here at Bags & Tags, we understand the need for more sustainable packaging alternatives, including eco-friendly retail packaging. For those who are keen on switching to eco-friendly retail packaging, Bags & Tags is here to help. Below, our team has compiled the top alternatives to plastic bags that you can use in your business and other transactions. 

Paper bags 

Compared to using plastic bags, opting for paper bags provides many benefits. Paper bags are eco-friendly retail packaging alternatives that are cleaner, neater and lightweight. More environmentally aware businesses opt to use eco-friendly retail packaging like paper bags for their trade transactions. Paper bags are safer and provide favourable results for the environment. They are sourced naturally and do not contribute to producing harmful chemicals and substances during their production. 

Biodegradable plastic bags 

While plastic bags are cheaper and more convenient to use, using plastic bags is not an eco-friendly retail packaging option. The banning of plastic bags comes with many significant reasons. One important reason is the harmful effects it contributes to the environment. Most plastic bags include substances that are not easily absorbed when discarded. When accumulated over the years, plastic bags pose adverse environmental effects. 

If you find it hard to do away with using plastic bags, you should opt for biodegradable plastic bags instead. Opting for biodegradable plastic bags provides an option that is safer for the planet. Biodegradable plastic bags come with plastics designed to be compostable and easy to absorb. Biodegradable plastic bags are also recyclable, which means that they are not only for single use. Since biodegradable plastic bags are compostable and recyclable, they help eliminate the production of harmful gases and substances. Hence, biodegradable plastic bags are eco-friendly retail packaging alternatives that help save the planet. 

How Bags & Tags can help 

For those seeking a more eco-friendly retail packaging solution, Bags & Tags should be your top choice. Popular among Australian retailers, we offer a wide range of paper bags and biodegradable plastic bags to meet every personal and business requirement. Best of all, we offer customised labels for any shape, size and colour of your choice. Bags & Tags also provides a quick and faster delivery service to reach all our clients on time. 

If you have more questions about our eco-friendly retail packaging options, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our website for more information.

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