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Common clothing labels that your garment products will need 

Whether it be for branding garment products or giving consumers instructions for fabric care, clothing labels are essential for any business operations involving garment products. As there is a wide array of different fabric labels to choose from, most business owners can find the task of choosing the clothing labels for their garment products to be confusing.  

Thankfully, with the help of our team at Bags & Tags, this does not have to be the case. For clothing business owners who are keen to know the basics for choosing clothing labels for their products, we are here to help. Below, our team has put together a helpful summary of the essential clothing labels that garment products will need. 

Brand labels 

One of the many versatile uses for clothing labels in garment products is for branding. Brand labels are key in identifying and tagging any garment product as your own. Without brand labels, your consumers will find it hard to recognise your garment products from the rest of the products that are available on the market. Hence, brand labels should be on the list of essential clothing labels to use for your clothing business. 

Size labels 

Another important function of clothing labels is for identifying the sizes. Clothes come in a wide range of sizes, so going over them one by one without any idea of their sizes would take an extreme amount of time. To prevent this, clothing business owners use size labels for proper sizing identification to assist their customers. Some of the most common size labels for garment business owners include woven and printed satin size labels. 

Content and care labels 

Content and care labels are clothing labels serving the purpose of informing the consumers of the materials used for the garment. With content and care labels, consumers will also have an idea of garment care for such clothing, so care labels are required to be attached to any garment product in the textile industry. Most garment entrepreneurs also use content and care labels for specific instructions for washing and care for the fabric. 

Hygiene adhesive labels 

Adhesive labels are especially popular as clothing labels for intimate wears as well as swimwear. They are the perfect labels to serve a hygienic purpose while customers try out these specialised garments for fitting. Easily detachable, adhesive labels are also easy to remove for buyers after making the purchase. 

Why Bags & Tags is a great choice 

For all your product labelling and identification needs, Bags & Tags is the perfect partner of choice. Here at Bags & Tags, we offer Australian retailers a wide array of choices for brand labels, size labels, adhesive labels, care and content labels, and other clothing labels that your garment business might need. If you have more enquiries on our clothing labels range, you can get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our website for a full range of our clothing labels and other products.

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