Boost Your Branding with Our Custom Products

Boost Your Branding with Our Custom Products

If you are putting customers’ purchases into plain bags, and with no tags or labels, you’re missing two opportunities. The first is to have them advertise your company when they carry the bag, etc. out into the world for all to see. The second is to ensure that they remember the name (and any other printed details) of your store, so they can find it again in the future or recommend it to their family/friends.

Fortunately, Bags & Tags has every custom product you could want to help boost your business’s branding, each type configurable to meet your specific needs – not to mention affordably priced. Let’s take a look at the various options…

Our Custom Bags

Custom bags with your firm’s name and/or logo give an air of professionalism. They also make for a more memorable shopping experience for your clients. Whenever they reuse the bag, they will remember your company.

We can supply custom paper bags AND custom plastic bags.

You get to choose the sort of custom bags, whether they will be printed on one side or both, the colours to be used and, of course, the information to be displayed.

Our Custom Tags

Custom tags with your firm’s name and/or logo give a high-end product feel. We know when we see one – for example, attached to an item of clothing – it’s almost like a guarantee of quality. Tags are also an excellent place to include info such as washing instructions or key dates in a perishable product’s life cycle.

With our custom tags, you get to chose style, size, shape, finish, number of printed sides, colours and more!

Our Custom Labels

Firstly, to avoid any confusion about our custom labels…

We can supply custom woven labels AND custom printed labels AND custom adhesive labels.

So, whether you want a material label to attach permanently or a sticker-type label designed to be removed after purchase, we have you covered. (And said material label can be either woven or printed.)

With our custom labels, as with the rest of our custom products, there is plenty of scope for customisation. For instance, with the custom printed labels, you are able to select from nylon taffeta, woven-edge satin, satin ribbon for wrapping, cotton, herringbone tape rolls and heat-seal labels.

Our Custom Woven Badges

Woven badges have a timeless appeal prized by government organisations, sports clubs, hobby groups, tourist towns and not forgetting businesses. We can produce the perfect custom woven badge for your purpose!

Our Custom Metal Products

For something different and classy, consider a custom metal product like a pin, medallion or metal tag. These have a similar appeal to woven badges, it just depends on the effect your firm/organisation is wanting to achieve.

After Custom Bags? Custom Tags? Custom Labels?

For these items, custom woven badges, custom metal products or anything else from the Bags & Tags catalogue, phone (07) 3086 9369, email or simply purchase straight from this site. An Aussie family-run business operating since 2006, our many satisfied clients include retailers, manufacturers, government departments, sporting groups and schools.

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