A Guide to Our Range of Packing Products

A Guide to Our Range of Packing Products

When we purchase an item, we expect it to come in the right sort of bag. If it’s a foodstuff, we want it in a bag that’s food-safe. If it’s something we are likely to be taking out and putting away again a number of times, the bag should ideally be resealable. And if it’s arriving by mail, then we definitely want it to be adequately protected.

For businesses, using the right bags for items not only gives your customers confidence that you know what you’re doing, it shows them you care. Firms seeking high-quality packing products should find everything they need within the Bags & Tags range. We offer cellophane bags, polypropylene bags, tissue bags and much more!

Here’s an overview…

Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags are not part of the plastic bag ban, so are fine to use. They are naturally food grade and environmentally friendly. We stock cellophane bags in a variety of sizes to suit whatever foodstuffs or other items you are looking to package.

Hang Sell Bags

As the name implies, hang sell bags feature a header with a hole designed for hanging on a hook or peg, and are made strong so as not to rip through. Our hang sell bags are peel-and-seal and come in a variety of sizes.

Mailing Bags (aka Courier Bags)

You’re probably familiar with these tough sealable plastic bags that are often used for delivering documents or can go over the top of a parcel to give an added layer of protection. Several sizes are available. Free from markings or decorations, they allow maximum space for addressing.

Mailing Boxes

Along with our mailing bags, we have stylish plain brown mailing boxes constructed from high-quality corrugated board. While obviously great for posting, they’re also useful for storing items safely. Free from markings or decorations, they allow maximum space for addressing.

Polypropylene Bags

Coming in a huge array of sizes, our polypropylene bags are popular for their high clarity. The standard sort are simply peel-and-seal. However, we also carry…

Polypropylene Bags – Resealable

While delivering the same protection and clarity as the previous type, these polypropylene bags can be unsealed and resealed a number of times.

Snaplock Bags – Resealable

But maybe you’d rather a press seal than a sticky one. In which case, our snaplock bags – which you can order in a variety of sizes – are the choice for you.

Tissue Bags (aka Fabric Posting Bags)

When customers receive a parcel where the contents have been placed inside one of these soft tissue bags, they immediately recognise a business that “goes the extra mile” to ensure the items it sends out arrive in perfect condition.

Your #1 Source for Packing Products

To contact Bags & Tags about any of the packing products feature in this article, you can phone (07) 3086 9369, email sales@bagsandtags.com.au or simply purchase straight from this site (discounts on bulk orders and free postage on those over $500). An Aussie family-run business operating since 2006, our many satisfied clients include retailers, manufacturers, government departments, sporting groups and schools. Browse our range of packing products online now.

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